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FAQ: General

Post by BadBoy »

I'm new here - where should I start?
Well the FAQ is the right choice! :) However, take a patient look around. All the forums are fairly well-marked so you should get some idea of the forums that match your taste.

Should you have any queries regarding the forum after going through this FAQ, open a thread in Help, Suggestions, Bug Reports, Complaints etc. to ask.

Do I need a membership to browse through this site?
No. As on date, not at all. You are free to browse through this site without being a registered member. The situation might change in the future though. Nonetheless, you need to be a registered member to start a thread, post a reply or interact with other members.

I’m a registered member now. What next?
Please take time and complete your profile by entering User CP. It certainly helps other members to know more about you and to be friends with. As a registered member, you are entitled to have an avatar and signature. Apart from that, you would find your torrent information and awards that you have received (if any).

Please note: Do not keep explicit contents in your avatar and signature. Do not keep advertisements or links to other sites. In general keep those areas out of reach for unacceptable contents. Please read Section 1.5 to know in details.

I have registered, but am still unable to post anywhere!
This is probably because you haven't activated your account yet!. Without activating your account,you can only post in the Help section. To activate your account, click on the activation link sent to your registered email address. Make sure to check your spam/bulk folders if you are unable to find it in your inbox or make a request for new activation mail here.

Are there any restrictions regarding Avatars and signatures?
Please keep in mind, many members visit eXossip from their work place and they mainly stick to No Holds Barred / Computers & Technology / News, Reviews and Gossip sections. Should we embarrass them by explicit AVs and popping boobs? Please, keep your AVs(avatars) and Siggies free from porn content!! You are also requested to keep your AVs & Siggies free from religious & political contents. It is strictly prohibited to keep any Awards specially Designation Dibbas(Awards) in your AVs & Siggies.

As for signatures, some members keep very large images. Thus takes a lot of time to load pages, especially for dial-up users. Therefore, siggy image sizes are restricted to 150 pixels in height and 100kb in size!! However only 120 pixels of the image will be visible.

In general,

Please DO NOT keep explicit/topless Avatars and Signatures.
Please DO NOT keep any Awards specially Designation Dibbas(Awards) in your AVs & Siggies.
Please restrict the height of the image in your signature to 150 pixels.
Please restrict size of the image to 100kb.
Only users with 1000 or more posts are allowed to hotlink images in their signatures.
Only users with 50 or more posts are allowed to have animated AV's.
No underage stuff/models allowed.
No links to any warez sites allowed in signature.
Note: Avatar size (15kb) and dimensions (100*100) remain the same for all except donors who get to have an AV of greater size (30kb) and dimensions (120*120) if they desire.

There are so many forums and everyone knows each other...
As you are new and this being your first visit, you might feel so! We're a friendly crowd and you'll always get a warm welcome whenever you post. If you'd like to introduce yourself, you are welcome to start a thread in our Introductions section.

How do I open a new thread?
You are allowed to start a new thread only when your eXossip account is activated. Users Awaiting Email Confirmation are not allowed to open threads in any of the sub forums,except Help, Suggestions, Bug Reports, Complaints etc..

Create a new thread
To create a new thread, go to the appropriate sub-forum where you intend to open a thread, Test Area for instance. Once you are in the appropriate sub-forum, click on the icon which reads 'New Thread', select an appropriate prefix, give a caption/title for your thread in the 'Title' field, input the message you want to convey in the 'Message' field, hit the 'Submit New Thread' button and a thread would be created.

Posting restrictions
You agreed, when you originally registered for the forum, that you will not use this BB to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, profane, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You also agreed not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you, underage, political & religious stuffs.

Please note that by copyrighted material, we mean any and all material that a copyright is owned on. This includes warez, written information, pictorial information, movies, mp3s and information copied and pasted in from other areas of the internet.

Posts where the main point of the post is a link to another website or forum are also not acceptable unless it's within context. Whether or not it's in context is at the discretion of the forum moderators.

Can I advertise or promote my website?
eXossip is a privately owned website which is supported by legitimate advertising. As such, we do not permit non-authorised advertising within the forums. If you wish to advertise a service, please contact one of our Administrators or Super Moderators (See Forum Leaders). If you want to have a free promotion then keep its link in 'Visit my website' (you will find it below your Custom Title) or in your signature following the rules. Spamming of the forums in any format or invitation through Private Messages is not permitted and will result in an immediate ban.

Promotion of other forums, websites etc. is not permitted.
What happens if I break the rules?
There are various methods on Xossip to deal with rule breaches. For serious rule breaches, we may choose to suspend or ban a user immediately. However, this is only in severe cases. Please check Infractions for more details.

Why has my post been edited/removed?
If your post has been edited or removed, then it is because one of the Moderators deemed it to have breached the forum rules. Due to the large volume of posts, it is simply not possible for Moderators to contact every member every time a modification is made. Please don't expect them to do so and please do not start public threads about "Why was my post removed" If you are genuinely unsure of the reason, please contact one of the Moderators for the Forum you posted in.

How do I change my thread title?
You cannot change your thread titles by yourself. Just use the report post Report.gif option from the first post of the thread with a valid reason. One of the mods will do it for you ASAP.

How do I delete My threads?
You cannot delete your thread by yourself. If you have a valid reason,then use the report post Report.gif option from the first post of the concerned thread.

What is Custom Title?
The text which appears beneath your user name is called Custom title. The text changes automatically depending on your post count. Members who have 1000 or more posts are entitled to have their own custom title. Please refer the following list for more details.

How to unjoin this forum?
You cant! Simply Logout and never come back!

How do I change my username?
NO. You can't! We have given you enough warning while registering to choose your username carefully!

If you are very particular that you need to get it changed, you can pay $10 for the same. For more see this thread.

I am on a slow connection / I am bound with bandwidth restrictions and the page takes more time to load. What can I do?
We suggest you to

Subscribe to threads you visit often. Your newly subscribed threads is listed in the User CP. However, if you want to list all your subscribed threads, navigate to the User CP and click on List Subscriptions under 'Subscribed Threads.'
Disable Avatars, Signatures and Images. To disable, go to User CP, click on Edit Options under 'Settings and Options', navigate to 'Visible Post Elements' under the 'Thread Display options' and un-check the check boxes - 'Show Signatures' and 'Show Avatars.'
We have seen that, by following these steps, the bandwidth is utilized efficiently and the pages load much quicker, thereby ensuring people on slow internet connections, a better browsing experience.

Who is in charge of these forums?
Our forums are administered by a team of Council members, Special officers, Forum Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators. MasalaDesi is administered by a team. We aim to always have at least one member of staff on the forums - whatever the time of day.

Council members help moderators and administrators in running XB. They give suggestions and work for the betterment of the board.

Forum Moderators control individual forums on XB. They can edit, delete, or move any posts in their own forum. If you have a question about a particular forum, you should direct it to the relevant forum moderator.

Super Moderators are a moderators with extra powers than the Forum Moderators. They are able to edit/delete/move/merge any topic in any forum and banning troublesome users, and generally ensuring things run smoothly.

Administrators are responsible for the overall running of the entire forum network. If you have a problem with any of forum moderators or super moderators, please take it up with one of our administrators, but make sure you have your protest fee handy! :)

Please visit forum leader’s page to get the whole list of Councilors, Officers, Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators.

How do I become a Moderator on this forum?
As someone said, hard work is the secret to success! Be active, and contribute to the board, you will soon be invited to take part in Members council. Depending on your participation and contribution as a MC, you will definitely be offered a position in our admin team when the need arises.

What are the restrictions based on post count? Why cant i use certain bbcodes in my signature? Why cant i use links in my signature?
XB has certain restrictions based on post count as outlined below.

Users with less than 50 posts cannot have any links/images/size tags in their signature. Animated (.gif) AV's too aren't allowed & they have a PM quota of 3 messages.
Users with less than 50 posts are allowed to make a maximum of 10 posts in 10 minutes.
Users with greater than 50 posts but less than 1000 posts can have links but a maximum of size 3 in their signature.They have a PM quota of 50 messages. Animated AV's are allowed as long as they are within the 15 kB / 100* 100 size limit.
Users with greater than 1000 posts can have hyperlinks/images in their signature.
Why do certain people have their username appear in a different colour from mine?
Your username indicates the current usergroup you belong to at XP.

UAEC(Users Awaiting Email Confirmation) - light green
Noobs(People with less than 50posts) - light blue
Regular users - blue
Mods - dark blue, bold
MDTF(MasalaDesi Task Force) - brown black, bold
MD Sumo - brown black , bold , italics
Supermods - blue, bold
Admins - blue, bold, italics
Donors - orange
Member Council - dark violet, bold
Officers - greenish blue, bold
Chief Election Commissioner & Election Commissioners - Dark Red, bold
Spammer - salmon (orange red), bold
Banned user - red

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Re: FAQ: General

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